Peelable Paint

Liquid Wraps

Liquid Wraps or better known as Peelable Paint, is a NEW revolutionary alternative to traditional vinyl wrapping and auto painting! Liquid Wraps are sprayed directly onto your vehicle like paint but as it cures, becomes a 100% removable wrap that doesn’t leave adhesive residue behind. It can be applied to all body panels, wheels, calipers, engine bay, and even interior parts. It not only allows full customization of the color or clear coat but acts as a premium paint protection solution! Liquid Wraps protect your factory finish from road salt, gravel, debris, minor scratches, and swirl marks. Get everything and more in our new Liquid Wraps service.

Liquid Wrap Labs

Liquid Wraps or better known as peelable paint, is an affordable paint protection that doubles as a way to customize your vehicle.

Peelable Paint, Clearcoat & Coatings

Liquid Wraps

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a long-lasting hard-shell protection that will prevent water stains, road grime, bird droppings, UV rays, light scratches, and other harmful substances from reaching and harming the factory paint on your vehicle.

3, 6, 8 or 10 year ceramic coatings are available.

We are an accredited installation shop for System X ceramic coating. This service goes directly onto your vehicle’s CARFAX which helps to maintain the value of your vehicle!

Next-generation ceramic protection for automotive, aviation, marine, and much more. System X® designs advanced coatings for virtually any application

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

1. Protects From Harmful UV Rays

2. Easy To Clean

3. Gloss-Like Finish

Exterior Detailing

  • Foam cannon hand wash – all vehicles are sprayed with our foam cannon, which helps prevent any scratches during the washing process.
  • Wheels and tire cleaning – all wheels and tires are sprayed with wheel cleaner and scrubbed with special brushes to get into those hard-to-reach areas for a nice fresh look, followed with a nice tire shine.
  • Plastic dressing – all exterior plastic parts are cleaned and dressed for a like new shine.
  • Ceramic spray wax – this spray wax protects the factory paint from light scratches and makes the vehicle almost waterproof.
  • Ceramic coating – ceramic coating is our most effective protection process. The vehicle is wet sanded and buffed to ensure that the paint looks factory and is free of any scratches/debris. Once the paint is perfect, the ceramic coating is applied. Ceramic coating is the highest grade of protection and gloss enhancement for your vehicle.

Benefits of Exterior Detailing

1. Improves Car’s Shine

2. Maintains Paintwork

3. Retains Resale Value

Headlight Restoration

Are your headlights foggy or hazy? Is it hard to see at night? We can fix that! Our headlight restoration process included wet sanding and buffing to restore the crystal-clear transparency. This service may require sanding and reapplying a clear coat for a like-new finish. Prices may vary depending on the condition.

Benefits of Headlight Restoration

1. Restores Visibility

2. Increases Safety

3. Saves You Money

Interior Detailing

  • Windows – all interior windows are cleaned.
  • Vacuum – all carpeted areas are vacuumed.
  • Vinyl dressing – all plastics are sprayed and cleaned with our interior cleaner for a like-new vehicle shine.
  • Shampoo – all carpeted areas are scrubbed with our drill brushes and then shampooed and extracted.
  • Steam cleaning – this process softens and lifts dirt. All cracks, crevices, and vents are steam cleaned to help sanitize your car, killing odor and illness causing bacteria. Steam cleaning also helps rehydrate, condition, and restore surfaces.
  • Leather cleaner/conditioner – all leather is thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt and oil before applying leather conditioner for rehydration. This keeps the material looking supple and shiny.
  • Door jambs – all door jambs are sprayed with a degreaser and wiped down.

Benefits of Interior Detailing

1. Removes Stains

2. Removes Bad Smells

3. Increases Resale Value

Before and After Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Washing and decontaminating the vehicle’s exterior, followed by wet sanding, and finished with a 3-step buffing process. This paint correction removes scratches, swirls, fading, and other imperfections in the surface of the paint. Your vehicle’s paint will be restored to a vibrant, clear, like-new finish.

Benefits of Paint Correction

1. Extends Paint’s Lifespan

2. Adds Shine

3. Increases Resale Value

Paint Services

We offer professional automotive paint service! Our painting spans from repairing damaged areas, to repainting parts, panels, and whole vehicles. Our custom paint service is not limited to vehicles! This service extends to a variety of items including bathtubs, furniture, video game consoles and more! If you need something painted, give us a call!

Benefits of Paint Services

1. Gives Your Car A Brand New Look

2. Gets Rid of Scratches and Marks

3. Cost-Effective

Wet Sanding & Buffing

This process is a great way to remove deep scratches and any debris. It can transform and enhance the entire appearance of any surface.

Benefits of Wet Sanding & Buffing

1. Better Dust Reduction With Wood

2. Supports Paint Correction

3. Makes Scratches Less Visible

Window Tinting Spencerport NY

Window Tinting

Tinting your vehicle’s windows not only adds a sleek and stylish look, but it also provides a better experience for the driver and prolongs the life of your vehicle. Window tinting is a fantastic way to enhance your ride for several reasons including safer driving by avoiding harsh sun glare. Window tinting also reduces interior fading, cracking, and warping of your upholstery and dashboard. Reduce the visibility of your vehicles inside possessions as well as the heat buildup inside your vehicle for increased comfort.


  • 2 Front Windows $125
  • 2 Door Coupe $225
  • 4 Door Sedan $250
  • Standard Cab Pickup Truck $225
  • Extended Cab Pickup Truck $250
  • SUV/Minivan $300

Benefits of Window Tinting

1. Drive Safer By Avoiding Harsh Sun Glare

2. Protect Interior From Fading & Cracking

3. Increased Security & Privacy

Mobile Detailing

We offer mobile detailing services! We can come directly to your home, work, or whatever location is convenient for you!

*This service requires water/electric hook up availability. *

Mobile detailing is a seasonal/weather dependent service. Not all services are available with our mobile unit.

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