• Foam cannon hand wash – all vehicles are sprayed with our foam cannon, which helps prevent any scratches during the washing process.
  • Wheels and tire cleaning – all wheels and tires are sprayed with wheel cleaner and scrubbed with special brushes to get into those hard to reach areas for a nice new look, followed with a nice tire shine.
  • Plastic dressing – all exterior plastic parts are cleaned and dressed for a like new shine.
  • Ceramic spray wax – this spray wax protects the factory paint from light scratches and makes vehicle almost water proof.
  • Ceramic coating – ceramic coating is a very extensive process. The vehicle is then wet sanded and buffed as needed to ensure the paint looks factory and is free of any scratches/debris. Once these steps are complete, the ceramic coating is applied. Ceramic coating are the highest grade of protections and gloss enhancement for your vehicle.


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