• Windows – all interior windows are cleaned.
  • Vacuum – all carpeted areas are vacuumed.
  • Vinyl dressing – all plastics are sprayed and cleaned with our interior cleaner for a like-new vehicle shine.
  • Shampoo – all carpeted areas are scrubbed with our drill brushes and then shampooed and extracted.
  • Steam cleaning – this process softens and lifts dirt. All cracks, crevices and vents are steam cleaned to help sanitize your car, killing bacteria that can cause illnesses and odors. Steam cleaning also help rehydrate, condition and restore surfaces.
  • Leather cleaner/conditioner – all leather is cleaned with our leather cleaner, followed by a leather conditioner to remove dirt and oil to keep leather looking supple and shiny.
  • Door jams – all door jams are sprayed with a degreaser and wiped down.


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